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Slenderman and I by YomiElric

 Groggily you opened your eyes, everything around you blurry till you were finally able to focus your vision. It was as if you had been smacked over the head with a rock and were knocked out cold. The only reason you knew you hadn't been was because your head barley hurt, and all the pain was in your body not your head. When you felt ready, you sat up only to be stopped by something pressing down on your waist.

“What the hell...” You murmured groggily before lifting a hand and giving your eyes a good rub in order to to help you see better. When you lifted your shirt to see a tightly wrapped bandage around not only your waist but your shoulder you sighed, so you weren’t dead, just in a hell of a lot of pain.

“Good! Your awake!” Sounded a familiar voice, when you turned your head, you were over joyed to see Jack, up and bouncing over to your side with a smile on his face.

“Your OK!” You smiled, bouncing up into the sitting position despite the pain in your body and gave the blue faced boy a hug, taking him off guard for a second before he gave a small laugh and carried you back to the table and placed your down.

“Yes yes, of course I'm OK! You on the other hand, need your rest. Slendy wouldn't be happy to see you up and bouncing around.” He scolded before lightly putting a hand on your shoulder and forcing you to lay down.

Giving up, you gave a small sigh in defeat before looking around. It was another room your didn't recognize. White walls, white ceiling and black and white tiled flooring with the only decor being a counter holding some medical supplies and a small portable TV which you assumed was for who ever had been staying with you.

“Hey Jack...” You murmured, finding the strength to at least roll on your side. The ash skinned males only response was a grunt and a head nod, signaling to you that he had heard you and he was all ears even though most of his attention had focused on the small TV just a few feet away from him.

“Where am I?” You sighed, shifting slightly in order to get more comfortable even though it seemed pointless. The table your were laying on was as hard as a rock so it was almost impossible to get into a comfortable position.

“You are in the make shift clinic at the hideout.” He smiled, turning his eyeless gaze on your for a second before it was pulled back towards the TV, clearing being captivated by the show.

“Hideout?” You questioned, your head tilting slightly as you looked around again. Now that you mentioned it, the living room you had woken up in wasn't yours. You were surprised you hadn't even took notice of your surroundings till now.

“The....hideout for 'use' ya'know?” You could tell he was uncomfortable about the situation, not sure exactly how to explain the answer to what you were asking, but instead of ending it there for the sake of being nice, you decided to ignore it and keep asking questions.

“Who's use?”


“Jack, I think I have made it clear that I don't know.” You grumbled monotonously as you gave a blank gaze towards the boy which luckily seemed to make him uncomfortable. You felt like one of those cops from a crime drama.

“Ya'know, the Creepy-pasta members, well that live in this area that is.” He explained quickly, trying as hard as he could to leave the conversation so he could focus his full attention on the non-provoking TV show.

It took you a moment to process what he had said before your eyes went wide and you bolted up into the sitting position, only giving a wince at the pain before you quickly forgot about it and went on with the conversation.

“Your a creepy-pasta member!?”

Jack not expecting your out burst at all jumped out of his chair and onto the floor before he blinked up at you and smiled before getting to his feet.

“Duh! When has THIS ever looked normal to you?” He said, taking his hands and running them over himself in a displaying manor before he sat back down.

“You seriously didn't notice that we look NOTHING like the kids in your school _______?” He laughed while he shifted in his seat so he was comfortable again.

“Well...I...” You stuttered in an attempt to find a reasoning for your lack of preconception but sadly you couldn't find any. In fact you HAD notice all the difference in the people you had met, but the fact was you just didn't care about there appearance, you had grown up being taught not to judge a book by its cover, so the last thing you noticed was looks.

“Wow your more dense then I thought.” He muttered as if he was talking to himself and had forgot you were in the room. At his comment your face showed just how annoyed you were.

“Still in the room Jack.” You grumbled before jumping off the table and making your way to what you assumed was the exit.

“H-hey! Where are you going ______!”

“Out.” You simply replied, waving a hand over your head to dismiss any further arguing before you open the door and left. Leaving Jack to stumble after you in an attemot to catch up with your surprisingly fast pace.

“Slender told me to keep you in the room!” He spoke once he had caught up enough to grab your shoulder, the moment he stopped you from walking you turned and shot him a look that told his if he didn't let go, he would suffer the same fate Jeff did before the little brawl went down, causing him to shut up and sigh.

“I-If your going to wonder around, at least let me come along. Not all the members of the house are as nice as me.” He murmured, letting go of your shoulder so he could position himself next to you for the trip.

You let a huge goofy smile bloom of your face before you squeaked and tackle hugged him against the wall, wrapping your arms tightly around him and giving him a forceful squeeze.

“Awe your the best Jack!” You cooed before letting him go for some air and bouncing off down the hall to explore, not even giving the boy any time to catch his breath.

“W-wait up!” He huffed before bounding after you, his legs wobbly as he tried to breath and run at the same time which he was doing miserably at.

--- Small Time-skip ---

You had spent a good half an hour bouncing around the base, trying to loose Jack from your trail with death hugs and short games of hide and seek. It sucked for you that your friend was good at keeping up with you and good at hide and seek, so he always filled in the distance you had made quickly with little to no trouble.

It was impossible to loose him!


“Yes ______?”

“Why are you following me everywhere?” You tilted your head slightly in order to get a better look at your blue friend, but he was cut off before he could answer when he was met by a foot causing him to trip and fall flat on his face.

Your eyes wondered up to see the look like the main character of a game you use to love to play. While they had very similar looks all the way from the green outfit to the skin tone, the major difference was that he was real, and his eyes were pitch black, the only thing showing of what may have been pupils being small red dots while a sticky substance oozed from his eyes, but you being you totally over looked that, and became upset that he had just tripped your friend.

“Clumsy as always Jack.” Laughed the look alike but quickly jumped and turned wide eyed when you step in front of him, a look of anger on your face.

“That wasn't very nice!” You snapped, your teeth gritting at the though of your friend staying here for so long with no one to stand up for him. NO ONE bullied your friends, you didn't care who they were.

“My house, I don't have to be nice.” He countered, a smirk forming on his face as he looked you over seductively.

“I don't care who's house it is! You don't bully my friends.” You hissed rather boldly. You had guessed most visitors never stood up against him like you were, for he looked rather jumbled on what to say next before he just scoffed and went back to picking on Jack, totally ignoring you.

“See you've found a new girl Jack, how long till you eat this one?”

At the boys words you felt a cold chill run down your spine as you turned to your friend who had sat himself up with his legs crossed like a pretzel. When he heard the look a likes words he became rather flustered for a second before he bounced to his feet and stood beside you.


“I'm not going to eat her BEN, and besides, she is Slendy's girl. I rather jump in front of a speeding train then mess with him.” You could tell that after his words he shot you a side glance, for only seconds after he took a small step away from you seeing your rather scared state.

Your eyes were still wide, wondering how someone like him could eat people. Then your memory wondered back to the teeth that lined his mouth and suddenly things started to click, making you become sassy and defensive again.

“You better keep it that way Jack, otherwise you will suffer the same fate as Jeff and I won't hold back this time. Plus why does everyone keep referring to me as “Slendy's girl?

You watched as Jack coward slightly away from you before he was forcefully pushed into you while BEN snickered at his reaction. The blue faced boy bolted away from you to the other side of the hallway you were in and pressed himself against the wall in an attempt to get as far from you as possible without going to far to fend you from this BEN if needed.

“The skyscraper has taken quiet the liking to you, and I can see why. Not many humans have been able to enter the hideout and live, let alone befriend us in a matter of minutes.” Finally as the boy finished he had detached himself from the wall, finally seeming to relax around you once again.

You felt your cheeks heat up slightly at the thought of the suited creature liking you, though you couldn't say you didn't like him. You rather enjoyed his company, well, that was when he was around in the first place.

NOT like like, stop it brain.

After a moment of quiet thinking you bowed your head slightly before sheepishly speaking up, eager to find an answer so you could speak with him.

“So... where is he? Ya' know, Slendy?” You sheepishly smiled before you jumped at the booming laughter of BEN who just couldn't seem to get enough of your question. For what reason you had no fucking clue.

“H-he should be up in his office now. He just got back from a hunt, so try to be careful, he is always a little moody after.” Jack explained before pointed the way to the creatures office while he stayed behind to help BEN with his laugh attack.

Quickly you darted your way up a flight of stairs and down many halls till you finally found the room with the black door that had a rather odd drawing on it. A circle with a single X through the middle. You had seen the symbol before, but you weren’t sure where, so you ignored it and gave a light knock to the door.

From behind the black door you heard a grunt which you took as a signal to come in and so you did. Quietly you open the door and gently closed it behind you before turning around and giving a smile to the Slenderman, who was turned away from you sitting at his desk scribbling something down. Your smile grew, now was a good chance to mess with him, after all his stalking it would only be right to get some pay back.

Slowly while on your tippy-toes you made your way forward till you were able to look over his shoulder, which thanks to his rather low chair, finally made his upper body assessable to you. Your eyes gazed over what he was scribbling down for only a second before you were suddenly whipped to the floor, the in pact knocking all the air out of your lungs and above you, for a second, was a growling Slendy, his tentacles lashing in anger behind him making him look even more threatening.

After a second, to your luck he seemed to realize exactly who he had pinned down and instantly got up, using his extra appendages to get you to your feet while he bowed his head off to the side, clearly upset with himself at what he had done.

“Sorry, I thought...I thought you were Jeff.” He spoke, his voice heavy with guilt as he knelt down to your height to look you over for any accidentally wounds he might had created. Happily there were none, just the affects of sudden lack of air.

“I-its fine, I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that.” You stuttered, still in the process of trying to replace all the air that had been kicked from your body. After that, there was an awkward silence before it was finally broken when the slender creature had sat back in his seat and leaned his head on his hand while he looked at you.

“I thought you would still be asleep, you need your rest after what that mop head did to you.” He murmured quietly as he seemed to be looking you over. He may not have had eyes, but you knew when people were looking you over, it wasn't that hard to notice the slight head movement and change of face, even when the person who was doing it had no face.

You gave a giggle at the insult and gave a head nod. “I should be, but I have never been one for over resting. It so boring.” You smiled feeling your eyebrows raise in interest as the creature said nothing, but you could still feel him looking you over.

Feeling your face flush slightly you decided to get back at him, in a way you knew would work. After a few more seconds of quiet you quickly made your way forward, placing your hands on both of his arm rests and leaned in till he was forced out of surprise and lack of sight to back up till his back was fully pressing against the back of the seat. You let a sweet smile spread across your face before you spoke, your face only inches from his to ensure his gaze wouldn't be wondering.

“My face is up here sweetheart,” You purred before giving a small giggle as you watch his pale face turn from white to red, the close contact clearly getting him flustered. It took him a few moments before he was finally able to answer you, though you were patient for his reply.

“I-I see that..” He murmured, clearing his throat slightly before he backed the chair up, forcing you to stand back up where you proceeded to lace your hands behind your back, a cocky smirk finding its way to your lips.

“You should rest _______, your wounds won't be ready for you to be bouncing around like you have been for a few days, your lucky they haven't re-opened yet.” He spoke, turning his chair so he was facing his work again.

“But I don't want to, can't I just hang with you?” You whined, making it clear you were refusing his request though you made it sound as if you were asking.

“No.” He bluntly stated causing you to cock an eyebrow. This was a battle he wasn't going to win, though it wasn't like he had won battles against you as of yet anyway. You were just that good, either that or he just didn't see any part in arguing with you.

With his blunt no you made your way back over him, scooted in enough to where you were at his side before you turned and plopped yourself in his lap. There was a second of silence among you to before he he gave a gruff sigh and turned his invisible gaze on you.

“_______.” He grumbled, clearly slightly upset with your actions

“Yes Slendy~” You cooed just to tease him.

You watched with a small smile as his pale face begun to turn a light pink at the way you had said his name before he shook his head slightly quickly dismissing the color and letting his face turn back to its original color.

“Go rest.” He bluntly spoke, before shifting so he could see what he was writing again. To your eyes it was jut a bunch of odd markings, so you didn't pay much attention to them.

“K~” You giggled, dragging out your 'K' before shifting so you could nuzzle you head into his chest, letting out another small giggle you felt him stiffen.



There was another moment of quiet before he just let out a sigh of defeat and went back to what ever he was working on, using his tentacles to pull you closer to his chest so you weren’t in the way of his arms while he worked.

You : 3

Slendy: 0

You gave a smile before you shifted slightly so you were comfortable before you drifted off, using the heat of his body to keep yourself warm in the slightly draft filled room.  

Yeeee cuddle slender -cuddle cuddle- x3 

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this series so far x3 I definetly enjoying writing these for you, and I'm having alot of fun coming up with ideas 

Please make sure to comment. I love reading them, hearing what you think and any advice or ideas you might have x3 

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Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Slendy, Jeff, Jack, BEN (c) :iconcreepypasta:
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